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The Doug Gottlieb Show 12-1-14 Tribute to his father, Bob Gottlieb

Dec 1, 2014|

Doug pays tribute to his father.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. You're listening to the Doug Gottlieb show. Think you know CBS Sports Radio committee from the rally output studio. O'Reilly auto parts and parts that are prices every single day. Welcome back to you and yours here on CBS sports network Kobe had an incredible. Holiday weekend. So they can gel viewing your family had a good time. Never has it struck. More true to me in this past week in organ that just the second idea wanna get into the showdown. Last night in Green Bay Packers outlasting the patriots. What the St. Louis Rams did not just to the raiders. But to the Saint Louis police department and why am extremely bothered by it. Wanna get the Florida head coaching got a job. Georgia. Pulled a Georgia. And cleansing is now Georgia seeing. Bam runs over Auburn and Auburn runs out of pixie dust. Why Ohio State should absolutely not play for the national team cute and plan. Manley a lot to get to. But if you've been following the shill or following me on Twitter on FaceBook. Ice you may know now. What few around me knew previously. And that's not my father was extremely sick with cancer and he passed away at the age of seven for. A week ago Saturday night. I can't think. So maybe you enough for all the wonderful things you have said about me personally and more importantly about my father in the impact he had on so many. A basketball players and just people. I'd still rather have Mac. And down. Alike you know that. We're still in the is irreverent as they've ever been we're still gonna head cracked jokes and bust on people and find things on Twitter. Because sports is supposed to take you away from all that. Your goal every day is still on the radio at 3 o'clock eastern. Noon Pacific. Watch it on TV haters and guys talk and sports talk about their lives so I don't have to think of mind for the is when did the things I. I found most impact apple about my own basketball career in which you you trying convince yourself. Yeah I'm playing something I love and I do it for free I'd do it forever I could. But I always found that the coolest moment in playing basketball playing it well was. Meego for as an example I would throw fancy pass. And it would lead to a dunk. And now only would you ruling you'd. You talk about you'd think about it you'd stop think about anything else in your life so that's that's still my goal. Dom but if I could Allan Taylor the moment about my dad because. He's an interesting guy he's a unique guys one of a kind and they definitely. They definitely through the mold. A muddy I was born Robert Henry Gottlieb. January 20 1940 the Bronx New York. His dad was Marten mom was saying. And in order to know about somebody I always think you have to know about. Their dad because but we do as. As as adults. We either. Did into the pattern but which we are raised Adrian Peterson's per example that or many times we revolt from. My dad's suburban example that. My grandpa mart was really successful count and businessman took over for a car dealership that was. Are down on his luck that car dealership became one the most successful Ford dealerships in the country. It was known as branch motors. At thirteen. His parents moved to Hewlett New York which is out on Long Island. He starred in basketball where he was late for the school's free throw shooting can. He he also when the schools driving class award which was probably read worse than any Venezuelan election. Because if you Rhode within you know that that is that's not possible. I should point out that my grandfather Martin's supplied the cars with the schools driving class. And their pact is the impetus of the award. He went just went ecologists seventeen years old. His first school. Circuit. He claims have been kicked off the team because he took a charge and scholarship player. They return home it's a semester despite joining one fraternity. And being in state being relatively happy at Syracuse but not being on the team he couldn't take it. He took local classes and got into the Wharton school of business at Penn. But my dad then known as Bobby got they've just to chase his hoop dreams and became a walk on at the Ohio State University. Where they had Jerry Lucas John have a check and Bobby Knight. But there the die was cast. My dad preferred hoops. The dollars. Every summer my dad will return home borrowing and his father's cars roll in the Harlem of the potpourri of players from all over the country play in the the Valley Stream pro am and he's the first ever white player. When director partly. His nickname was the white boy from Long Island. Keep in mind this is the time which there race riots in how parliament my dad Bobby got laid. Cared nothing about racing scene toll obtuse the idea that someone. Wouldn't want his crew wore him specifically. On their court. I'll always remember that my dad's. Fondest memories. Or of playing and all like Jim in the world's worst neighborhoods. And displaying -- boy he would always tell me. If you can play and play the right way you treat people with respect and earn their respect they will shower you with love because you came to the neighborhood. And treat them as men. His recurring prowess began on the streets of Harlem and all around the country is he would fly guys it. On his in my Grandpa's dime or bring them in from outside. The city and help them compete with the better teams this was foreshadowing for being a college basketball recruiter and having her crew in the quality of hoops. He started coaching high school basketball Dylan dale Ohio. That's in the hills of eastern Ohio moved to millions and Nolan Colorado. And had to stop as the high school coach and bus driver four. Death Valley High School can make that up. He moved home because this is a shocker he won new merry Jewish woman my dad raised Jewish. There wasn't much Jewish accompaniment and FL you know it's surprising to many it's. His first job was set debt after he replaced Hugh B brown at fair lawn high school. Mistress college I was at Quinnipiac University is an assistant to Burke con. He had also coached the freshman team. The tennis team in the soccer team he never played soccer and had to buy a book and also had a lined the fields for the game. He met mile at my mom became his wife and 46. Years ago next month. This month as of December because December this month. They were married. Did another college job at Creighton under Eddie Sutton who I had chance to play for. My sister was born Omaha my brother was born in Manhattan Kansas we're working in the great Jack Hartman. Two years later became head coach in Jacksonville University. Jackson actually gone to the final four. But was one of the dirty programs in the country. His starting come here crew was named Ricky Coleman from Detroit Michigan. So my dad was the young unknown assistant and given the keys to the team and told to clean up the program. So the president medical school said listen you got a flight to Detroit. Until the Coleman family and keep the Cadillac the booster gave them the Cambridge in the school which is books that. Ricky complied and walked from his dorm. To the first day's meeting with the team. Every at the kid on the team showed up and Cadillac. Ricky Coleman then became academically ineligible so my dad put a manager on scholarship. He had one requirement. Pick Ricky up every morning walking to class welcome back from class make three goes a study hall and make sure he gets good grades. At the end of semester Ricky Coleman my dad's star recruit. Was on the dean's list. Manager flunked out. The state tax bill lasted only two years since they know we're no longer cheating they play in the ninety powerful or Madison Square Garden arguably the greatest moment. Of his college coaching career. But wins waned and he moved on the university Wisconsin Milwaukee is head coach in Milwaukee and 75. To eighty. S Ra I was born. His school's first twenty win season but interest and wins. They waned the school chose adopted division three to comply with title nine and 81980 my dad was out of work. So we returned from white fish day to Hewlett live on my grandpa where my grandpa offer my dad the opportunity Iran French voters. My dad pleaded what my grandpa by the New Jersey Nets for one million dollars. Programme bullet to the books said the NBA was a dead and proposition. So Bob got laid went to California became assistant under text winner. Back in those days you have a car he got a 76. Honda Civic hatchback. He put the odometer twice. That's how much he drove recruiting that's how often he was gone. But a couple of years later. They were fired. After a year of being a volunteer assistant organ state. Mis sold cars part time to make ends meet while living alone in Corvallis what we remain in Orange County California. Without a college coaching job he returned home cooking in the assembly Lemerre amounted to advance scouting work as well for the NBA. He's hired as head coach of the Orange County crush a professional team in the IBA was was his sixth at fort under that she had a draft his first round pick. Scotty Brooks. His final pick. Bo Jackson. Training camp was set up and a week before handy or left out with all the money. So my dad began interior design company with my mom would work in the field for nearly a decade. She's a space player in designer in the retail portion of the field they joined forces to form. Brent twist interior design. They focused on hospitals medical office buildings I'm on the interior designer my dad the marketer or the worker. Same skill set different field. My dad started answering the phone I got a branch West Bank here called my house up until last week that's how he answered. During his professional evolution start coaching travel basketball. He plays kids like Adam Keefe who started Stanford in the NBA Dillon read in the Ronald Scott McCorkle Mike Hopkins Indy care. All these Orange County grown kids. Became college starts. At the same time he formed a younger team. Because the competitiveness of Los Angeles basketball my dad would drive Riverside Bakersfield seen Diego and for people who don't know. How big that area that span is he would drive hours on end to pick up the kid bringing a practice. On those teams. Tony Gonzales. Crist on Johnson JR Henderson. Miles Simon Chris Burgess air channel with mark seeking all guys that went on to the fame in college. He'd fly in Ronnie Henderson started LSU's sake of Camara who started. George Washington and others. We formed the Orange County express. You aren't expressing you know. And of one of the best eight teams in the country. Again in my high school career he used these work out he had animated into a basketball academy. From that basketball academy branch Wes fastball academy. He full recruiting service but the recording service is simply something he'd done for years which is find a kid tell them what level he can play at. And then call every coach at that level and trying get in place this is my dad's work. He really found his place the world of basketball at the age of 55. I think is a missionary. Some people would Africa's into the go to Haiti. Bob got the search the world over for any player gave an honest assessment of where he complained fought like hell to get that get a scholarship. He became synonymous with a hoops. My dad down discoloration is put three years ago. But that was diabetic. So circulation to your lower extremities. Can be problematic yet a chunk of his heel removed in the begin treatment from known only told me they got it cut. The Chancery appeared this past November. Was in his brain in the spring and the chemotherapy seem to work well for six months. You know any Latino in plateaus. Bring these are common with. The treatment in the form cancer he had. Last Friday morning. We are all preparing to leave. Enjoyed for Thanksgiving the next day you woke up with a searing headache. He's rushed to hospital but he was never conscious upon arrival. The bleeding caused swelling in his brain is not a candidate for surgery. We hold together UCLA medical center. We all agreed. Let's get this much time as you can to fight this thing my dad was a fighter a brother not my brother Greg an and we stayed overnight. The fourth morning they took him to another MRI. There's left dying. Was matching his right eye that was fully diluted. We met with a doctor. And the decision was as difficult as it was simple. But there was a fighter. We thought people on the racquetball court. But people on the basketball court he fought for kids to get scholarships to college he fought for his Stanley. And his professional life in just found ways to make ends meet. There's no more fight. Weeks ago Biden who pulled out the innovation to. Among kissed his head. I held your right hand. My brother held his left my sister my wife hugged us. Eighteen minutes later it was gone. Bob Gottlieb. Husband and Jane. Others Susan other when he Greg Doug grant by the scarlet Hudson. Sawyer. Gauge harper grace Paris and Quinn. And the man who I used to sit around and passed around sports pages with listen to Sports Radio it was an old time radio with who watched every show I have ever done. On CBS sports. Died from melanoma. Might have visible. The world was a China shop. We talked about sports I promise. You don't have to feel. Bad about laughing and joking. If you're Jordy Nelson Danny still think he's one of the five best wide receiver in the game that's fine we can disagree. I just want you know missed my dad. This that I got the pill.