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Best of Mike and Mike: 10/18/13

Oct 18, 2013|

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic discuss the Red Sox win over the Tigers in the ALCS, the Seahawks win over the Cardinals, the Ravens/Steelers matchup, and chat with Bill Polian.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This ESPN podcast is brought to you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance visit Geico dot com. Thinks he's the best governor Mike and Mike podcast. On ESPN radio. Don't like yeah. -- really -- -- checking -- podcaster we have for today live in Pittsburgh for ravens and Steelers coach Joseph Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger join us. Plus why I think Robert Griffin the third is making a big mistake and should the vikings trade Adrian Peterson. Next up Mike and Mike night and night. Resolve of the baseball last night and an unprecedented. -- tight baseball series. As the Red Sox pick up 32 lead in the American League Championship Series with a 43 win and he's somewhat improbable offensive superstar of this series. Has been Mike Napoli from the Elias Sports Bureau listen to these numbers. Napoli is last nine at bats starting with his game winning home run off Verlander in game three in his last nine at bats he has six hits four for extra bases and two home runs. This in a series weather has been essentially no offense. Aside from him the last player with such a span in a post season series with Hideki -- the -- World Series oh by the way he was named the MVP of that World Series and right now. I think despite the the brilliance of the Red Sox bullpen you would have to make Napoli than any MVP for the Red Sox are they gonna win the general. Time for the talk -- gave up some runs yesterday which was the first and also -- first in yesterday's game as a -- Red Sox fan or. Or waiting for them to score in this series you could kind of ease into the game because it was the first time it in this series. That they scored for the sixth inning. So it actually got some action from them earlier as far as scored a pitching for them. Has certainly at most of the time been lights out especially by the -- together bullpen has been since Asia particularly -- Horrow who becomes the first pitcher in Red Sox post season history with a five out save and no hits allowed. The first pitcher with such as -- since Mariano Rivera all the way back in 2005. So the Red Sox get a from Napoli they get it from a another. Good -- and -- Jon Lester and their bullpen and they take the 32 lead home which buster only told us yesterday needed to take -- -- because despite where the games are going to be played if they were going home and needed to win both games against Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. It was most likely -- itself. Now obviously despite the pitching has not as -- the Red Sox aren't sending quality pitchers out there as well of course. But despite the fact that you might give a little bit of -- pitching edge to the tigers you have to give the edge to the Red Sox up three to go home of workers up 32 you're gonna give Amanda -- Jeremy that it have to go over and went to straight like Detroit. Has to do right now you're you're back at the old cliche is true your back is against -- wall -- I could -- was one -- one at a time to keep the cliches -- all right -- -- -- here a couple of thoughts of the managers that will work our way to our football Friday here's John Farrell talking about his bullpen. Those three guys have pitched outstanding force in the post season and you know from has turned it over Brazil and then a five out save by by Koji he continues -- to be so efficient. And you know in games here that. Against the tigers it's been with his back against the wall he's been outstanding. Now for -- -- his fifth outing of at least five out this season. He has eight point 37. ERA since July 1 which is the best of anyone in baseball -- thrown at least. Forty innings since that time so he he's been untouchable going back to the other night where he was in that gym and worked his way out of it. In and mark may turn out to have been the critical game three. Which was the game where they beat Verlander one to nothing quickly here's Jim Leland on the mindset of his tigers down to three going on the road. So when one did for and that's obvious -- don't know -- -- -- -- and you get a shot to fill in the next we'll win one game. So one game and an -- what a difference last time Sanchez pitches that. He goes six innings doesn't give up my head obviously not a run this farmer only goes six -- does that nine hits and four run and so certainly it Boston attacked him a bit differently or just got through better obviously. The tigers found themselves in this situation in the AL DS is well. Against the phase down our team and facing elimination and needing to win two and they did it and they did it. You may recall with insurers are throwing that unbelievable ending. That thanks to -- will go down as one of the most exciting innings of baseball you've ever seen where he loaded the bases and -- when they got out of it himself. And protecting what was then a one run lead and then. Verlander with a masterful start in the fifth game on the road so that's sort of the recipe write him a little scherzer gave me a little for a Lander and go on to the World Series. We'll see if they can do it meanwhile the cardinals trying to put away the Dodgers tonight you'll hear that game here on ESPN radio and game six with the Dodgers have Clayton Kershaw. On the -- that's our -- center with -- -- -- some -- wake up with -- subway three dollar custom breakfast -- enjoy one of three tasty -- breakfast sandwiches -- just the way you -- and coffee or a fountain drink for just three dollars you've still got it made subway fresh on a lot of was again an interest in baseball fall in this -- When I think are coming to Pittsburgh I think about these terrible towel that I think about the Pittsburgh Steelers and so let's. Let's start our look at for the football weekend with that. And I'm on record as saying I I want obviously watched every snap with a steeler game last week as they beat the jets and I was on out here locally with David Todd yesterday afternoon and I told them. To -- -- Steelers looked like a team at that figure some things out during their -- we get one of the things they figure that is you have to let Ben Roethlisberger beat Ben Roethlisberger and to me that is the key for the Steelers. Getting working their way back into something of a season here -- they put themselves behind an enormous they fall. -- within a 14 start. But then you take that break maybe sometimes the body early bye comes at exactly the right time to come home from London 014. Your season on the brink but to look at where the division is the lead in the division has two losses so you're not out of it they come home. Beat the ravens this weekend and all of a sudden you find yourself right in the thick of things and that's exactly what I think is. And had a Pittsburgh is is in a position a lot of those teams are that are either 500 or under five -- you find yourself in position to get that win. And now you see is still made a little bit to help him in front of what you have a lot of season left you can find yourself. Back into the even though it certainly looked hopeful here in Pittsburgh early on with the injuries in the play in the defense early on not I get many takeaways with this. -- this game could put him right back and they're going up against a ravens team room looks nothing like the Super Bowl team all the last year they can't run the ball Flacco is getting sacked. All over the place so this is. This is a place for the defense is again takeaways last week against you know Smith and the jets can continue that trend and try and do it here because this offense hasn't been any great shakes at this point. And for Baltimore we're gonna have both quarterbacks in this game live this morning on Mike and Mike we will have Joseph Flacco live at 7:45 eastern this morning we will have Ben Roethlisberger. Live at 8 o'clock eastern time this morning all I guess there's always line. On the subway fresh take -- this is week seven gets rolling it starts last night might with a Seahawks beat the cardinals 34 to 22. And listen I understand the desire to expand out to the Thursday night and all the rest of that with them now that there's been enough of a sample size. To see it every single week you don't get great football and -- Thursday night games the teams just don't have enough time to get themselves prepared to get themselves. Healthy that the cardinals who I think we're a better team than they show sometime -- -- look good. Lastly -- -- -- were played a really good defense in Seattle I think I don't know if I'm going all the way down your rogue -- -- Thursday football for a little while now and then you get. You get used to things on the I'm not gonna go down that road too much. To -- to say that it's it's bad football all the time. You know these these are two teams a division game in Seattle is a very good defensive team held Arizona to 234. Total yards Larry FitzGerald is not Larry FitzGerald you know he's got that -- you know how those things can linger he's just not. What he was I think that adds to orders while in Seattle's a really good team and -- Both defense is actually were victims of plays in this game even though may not look like there was Seattle put up 34 Marshawn Lynch went a little beast mode last night -- all those yards after he has more. He I sold the Staten tunnel 404 he heard a moment I forgot to -- to decide that he had over eighty yards rushing after contact out last night. -- 91 total yards rushing last night but over eighty yards of that coming. After a contacts he and one game with -- Adrian Peterson is here with the only two times. But any running back has done that in the NFL this season. So it's this this you -- to get the win there that Activision has an interesting division that I think pound for pound inch for inch right now it might be the best division in the sport. And we'll see I still think Arizona is better than they've walked in. While this week 77 games and feels like you played a lot the truth is they still haven't even played half of their schedule right. So there's a lot of time left for these teams to figure out just how good they're going to be. Most of -- night. This situation in Washington I guess just goes to show you when you're losing crazy things happen. Now Russell Wilson doesn't have to deal with this in Seattle because they're not loosen Andrew Luck doesn't have to deal with -- as an Indianapolis because they're not losing. Colin -- -- doesn't have to deal with there's. And San Francisco Chris they're not losing RG three is losing -- the Redskins are losing right so what you're losing captive almost everything you say I guess it's part to some degree. But if for any of you who watch our TV show on Tuesday's spike and Mike's best of the NFL we showed you this play in the Sunday night game against Dallas. Were RG three scrambles for a nice game and he's running to the right sideline. He can easily just run out of -- -- and avoid contact with that nice gain in my estimate about a fifteen yard -- little. And I did that vicinity was a -- getting up the first down he had accomplished everything that could have needed to be accomplished on the play. And as he is making his way toward the sideline and a defender is coming up for that defender clearly is not gonna hit him if he just runs out of town right. At RG three does this little skip step. Kind of a thing before he goes out -- -- hard to describe. You have to see that I like to fully get but he does the sort of stutter step kind of remove anyone into taking a hit. Before it gets had a bad now the defender has to come up and hit a because he might very well be cutting it -- legal right to trying to gain extra yards there is sort of an unspoken understanding. Between defense the players and quarterbacks now. There are two ways a quarterback give himself up -- sliding right the other is gone out of -- exactly and in my opinion if you violate that as a quarterback if you fake going out of bounds and then cutting out that's really bush would line and you should get drilled four. I think and that's the other side of it is you're going to get drilled and you're gonna take a hit. And Robert Griffin the third is now acknowledging that he is doing this to try to draw a penalty flags. Quote there will be situations and that's why guys don't want a pull up it's happened in the past after the Mike -- someone. Like that it wants to run to the sidelines stock when they get twenty more yards because the guy runs out of bounds trying not to hit the quarterback. Here's the thing I understand. That RG three is just trying to find a way to win in fact he was talking about -- have to you know that you're RG three was saying about sliding in more here's RG three. And nobody wants to -- to sliding out of bounds and -- metal thing and through this system but I can't really listen to that promise not that you ignore it understand the people concerned. Is that you have to love them play with your instincts his team needs -- to do more to offer help them win and not help us one. -- see that's where I think he's getting it wrong and that's where I think young quarterbacks. Sometimes if you if you look at the quote sandy Reid has on Alex Smith today about how Alex Smith knows when to throw the ball into the seats right he knows when to take the -- Rather than throw the bat I've checked it down you know sometimes doing -- and living to fight another play is better at with rob Parker for the third his first. Priority has to be don't get hurt the thing his team needs more than -- houses on the field. And by playing this little game here -- he took the at least I can point to at least one episode one -- -- where we showed it on TV he took it completely unnecessary hit right to -- -- like -- that that's not his first party's first partisan out theaters first priority is to help the team. You're not getting hurt as part of that and not doing dumb things to possibly get hurt but that's my point that is helping the team. I guess we you have to get out of that mentality that I've got to get to -- -- aren't sure if I -- it's easier said than done. For all your life you can -- admit trying to make plays and not saying. I've gotten enough part of this -- now that there's a maturity factor that comes and apply because you received a -- older players you're not catch a ball they needed six and they -- got seven they get. I'm not gonna take that unnecessary hit. -- it comes in time it comes in time -- you know a terrific guy for you said he did all he could on the plane his mind. You know we didn't in his mind all we could do was get all the -- -- may be bait someone into giving another fifteen yards I'd get what is thought processes. I absolutely do. And in time hopefully that will change -- consider rip on a second year guy. Q2 are you better -- right now I mean he's gonna learn but you've still got that you'll fit and that could cost him I get it I get it could cost them but. You don't -- you don't want to pull the reins back to march on somebody and it in their train of thought but he. Is going to learn it but I'm not gonna bang on a guy in his second year for trying to make. They took me there are two separate parts of this there's the team needs to recognize sometimes discretion is the better part of -- apart and then there's the I think it's bush league to be trying to draw fouls on guys because they're pulling up not try to hit the quarterback on the side like that he's faking going out of bounds and then running up the field. That that this protection the quarterbacks are getting and I have no problem with them getting right may have been holed up there render that market also what a fifth day if they don't do that -- they get. The so -- while Britain but sometimes they don't that's the want to defender Xbox and and the guy runs and twenty all right what I what you do Arctic Ocean. You're you're using the game -- graduates are hot again with. -- you find ways to make plays in sports. Usually you don't sit -- that there are some things I get that you just don't do you know -- -- unwritten rules and all that. And I get this part of it would anger me as a defensive player. What is an -- of firearm are baying on the guy for trying to get some excellent cartilage that's a question that the bureau running over -- the defender I play the quarterback who looks -- basically. I don't know they make eye contact and it is sort like I'm going out of bounds here or whatever it is and you pull up but now he runs by -- the next time you get a hold of them I mean if this is right and you're going to be there this is just it's not. It's not within the spirit of what's going on there. You don't agree that -- should get three yards eight yards -- may. But but after saying all that I think he does need to be a little smoke murder. And not get -- because it's not just -- -- we're talking about remember last year he got drilled -- got they got hit in the head. Just as he was starting to slide one time in New York definitely. Endangering yourself by doing that but you know what I get why he's doing it. I think at some point he'll stop doing it. But you know with. With youth doesn't come much wisdom in the beginning it's how how quickly can you get to that Wall Street but I'm not gonna bang on a guy too bad for trying to make a play. -- next of Mike and Mike. Hi Ron Amadon made the best point of always spent almost our entire show yesterday talking about. The little war of words between Jim Irsay and his side of all of this and then. The Peyton Manning so out of all of this in the one guy who's not taking Peyton Manning's side thus far has been Peyton Manning. But everyone else talking about it including Bill Polian will be live with -- us later this morning. But then Ron Amadon made a good point an -- and I'm angry at myself almost ashamed that I didn't think of this side of it all through the morning yesterday. Steve -- at the following Irsay decided to tweak Peyton they've had a long relationship obviously there's of acrimony there. You're gonna do it in public the week before he comes back I have a real problem my biggest problem. I have a lot of problems with the big one is you've got Andrew Luck. He's done a phenomenal job taking a team that I thought was a team that was essentially a restart an expansion team and taken to a place where there actually competitive in doing pretty well. His job has already complex difficult and hard to -- don't make it more complex don't make it more difficult for the guy already have there. If you have a problem with patent work it out off camera don't put it on camera you've made andrews' job. As difficult as it will be to be there this week have all these people around and everything else you've made his job more complex it makes no sense to me. How about the effect on Andrew Luck of all of this swirling around. I think -- this is overrated as far as the effect I'm on a player knew what. What's the effect. I bet there first off what I'll agree with Steve is you don't want anything really to come up in the week other than the game. So they can be ready for the game of that said do we. Do we think Andrew Luck is going to be affected by this I mean what what's affecting him. Jim Irsay is having whatever he's having with Peyton Manning. And guys like Bill Polian and guys like Tony Dungy. Are Chiming in has nothing to do with Andrew Luck. Well except that the whole thing is centered around whether the new colts are better suited to win multiple champion is there anyway. Well I don't like that wasn't fair and this this. Yeah I mean that that was a storyline that was going to be there regardless well. You and I think this is still more on the patent side of it and not on the Andrew looks well you get this here's the point. Is that this week I guess on some level was always going to be a referendum on whether Irsay made the right decision there are not exactly with patent which. On some level I wanna say is a no brainer. If you're if you could have fifteen years of Andrew Luck right now I think you take that over just about anything about how brilliant guy has spent but I guess. He's been so good yeah that. It is almost made you question that almost made even any question that although I will stay on the side Irsay did the right thing in the big picture Michael Vick can't go hindsight. That's ahead. Does that. It's create an additional pressure on walking this week with the entire spotlight. To go out there and have a big game and what is essentially like a little tiny Super Bowl to playing in India I think all -- -- if you wanna talk about where this -- off the -- thing is gonna spend a patent side it's been to him coming back his homecoming no matter what. And -- yeah obviously it's going to be well are we better off where we saw this guy lead your team to the playoffs last year if they do it. If the colts lose this game are we to think it was a bad move. I mean it's not -- all come on this one game. And as young as Dan -- is I also think he's mature enough to understand that there was always going to be pressure on this game all we did this this thing has been highlighted in circled. Since -- Peyton Manning went to Denver were found out they were coming back to the colts so. Sometime I think -- sometimes I think that's overblown I really do. That that -- affected by this especially when I think. The bigger effect on it if there's even an affect -- do we think it's gonna affect Peyton Manning's performance. I almost laughed at that I don't I don't want the federal all right don't laugh at all I do. I think he's gonna come in the -- -- the -- is gonna add to what he normally does that mean you're gonna light a -- I absolutely do. So you don't think that additional. To attention pressure desire all those things that have come. But that naturally go with postings have contributed to some of his postseason ultra -- one dollar an -- talking about -- now we awful -- -- -- you what you just said you don't think this is gonna affect Peyton just that I don't agree that I think it could affect -- If it's going to I should even David could affect anyone could affect -- but we have seen patent struggle in the postseason but. Also patent. What's so this pick is a better team. I repay as -- I -- -- darling and there were the better team I want and you look at Seattle may manage people sometimes forget because they act as though the -- thing never happened. But -- that -- that had been in the playoffs -- before and beat the Steelers get a playoff right. So he took over a team that was in the playoffs Andrew Luck -- -- what I'm making that up. I mean they don't like to -- and her team loves -- to happen every other pulling me -- Malone the point is. Peyton Manning took over a team that won a playoff game. Andrew Luck took over a team that was two went fourteen right show it'll -- that the idea that somehow this is a fair fight. It is not necessarily accurate either why I think I'm somewhat what -- did last year could be construed as just as amazing if not more so than what -- did -- -- -- -- and I think I think -- -- gonna win -- -- comfortably. I don't forget we're really got to the king part of this because of the off field stuff. But I'll continue to say I think what he's talking about I think that's over rated. Meanwhile Jim Irsay has waited again total. This cannot help himself from hitting -- he has tweeted Thursday evening and he quoted -- Pearl Jam song now. An -- follows Jim Irsay knows he -- he tends to tweak a lot of rock and roll lyrics and things like that in this case he tweeted. They're lyric from April jam song called off he goes which was on the 1996 album no code. And I can't reach through the quote from the -- in its entirety because of the language someone to clean this up. He treated nothing's changed but the surrounding Bologna. And it isn't that that has grown. And there's a part of -- could understand -- because I think if you're -- you're thinking to yourself man I didn't say anything and look what has come out this. But there's another part of -- that wants to say. If you did you ever say you've been at this your whole life yeah right your dad -- the colts before you do it so it's not like any of this is new to you we had taken a back right there right you recognize the world we live and -- recognize that people are always gonna make a big deal out of everything you say even if you didn't mean it. So while I believe him that he really didn't mean to start all of this it doesn't change the fact that he started it -- and it is his fault that it happened I agree so for him to sort of between something that makes it sound like wilders is everybody else. I can live -- -- I kind of rubs me the wrong -- we're if you are completely that that he started this off by doing but I'm also with you I don't think there was any ulterior motive. To say I'm going to hit -- now to try get -- in the mode of thinking this is a playoff game. To affect his play I I I almost laughed at that by the way but he did he did start this a new. He should dial in his position you are correct anytime you hit send especially. When you're bringing up the guy that's coming back. And had built that stadium that people are gonna Parse the words I -- -- presented by progressive insurance quote buy insurance or most anywhere. With progressive mobile the easiest way to manage your policy on the go by the way I did get one note that I thought it was an interesting question yesterday in our mailbox. Which was does it bother you that Peyton this was a question -- reversion to us. Does it bother you that -- during the off season is so. Pointy end and and you know the football on your phone all right and then during the season he's. So the opposite of that and I thought that was an interesting question to raise and my answer to it is I think that's exactly the right balance I think that's exactly what a professional. Is supposed debate he's a fine guy and he he showed you that side of his personality. When he's not working. But what are -- working without business here at the tech center so I don't think that makes him to -- to -- your current it all over a bad that was I thought -- implication of the question. And -- trying quickly clarify one thing do I think that no players ever get affected by any circumstances of course not they're not robots out there but I guess what I'm saying. Is. If either one of these quarterbacks is affected by this week it's not because of the Jimerson. What what is it because of it gives them the magnitude of the moment but that's beside -- how big game is that the meaning of this game that was always there so that is the -- think all of this talk all week does not add anything to that a -- that's the to me I think it just. It got so blown up if sold out so understand what I'm saying. There could you can be affected by the moment. But my point is I'm not saying this -- thing is going to affect either quarterback if they're affected by something that negatively. I think it's by the magnitude of what is going on I don't expect either of them QB. They can't be nothing can happen but I'm I'm saying -- Irsay thing is not the thing to. The best of my night. By the way. Speak about that yesterday I pulled off one of the great and all of all time jobs and a favorable -- get to this picture -- -- -- so we fly out here yesterday from Hartford. And -- on one of those regional -- not the biggest plane in or it's it's one of those where the second goalie gets on he's hunched down like this and I'm walking behind him. That's the most important part of the story is I'm behind him. It's one of those where there's a one seat on one side into the seats on the other right. And you wanna be on the one seat side and we both are you're in sixteen and seventeen which means my -- going back he's already -- -- -- -- to push my seat back into -- So this is what I'm I'm I'm I'm living with. So as we walked back through this playing -- gives you doing as usual like entertaining everybody sitting there. And I happened to notice that in the exit row. There's an empty seat. -- we are among the last people aboard the plane so goal exits down its sixteen day I say CO later. I'm gonna go sit in the empty seat at the exit -- yeah so I -- there a minute later -- tapping me on the -- -- agree to get up yup. What did not agree to get apartments is there. I think you walked right behind this season got I'm 65 -- -- -- -- myself. Tell you to walk right by -- and so -- is that there's a -- is convinced. That there is going to be some level of karma that is going to be the -- just there because I did not give -- the -- at -- and part of me punching you square in the face. We're not getting up you should've given that seek to me I disagreed -- -- just over you would put me in the overhead compartment and you're gonna go -- -- see. I don't let him figure partner Eric had a bad idea bad shoulder on all parties -- fifty. Bad for me I guess the point is you put a bit uncomfortable about it where you set why should I have suffered -- -- talk -- -- at. -- let's go to that's although as you point that there was this guy who shook my hand right after I came out of the bathroom door it has the most delightful. Hand washing in there now and then you come out in the Gaza -- agreed to -- to -- like I don't ruined our everybody out here when you meet greet and shake his hand don't let them get away with a fist -- -- let them get away it would what do you prefer an oval ball. Shake his hand I. Dan what are on the back to all this close to -- problem and I love the -- I don't understand why we don't -- You know -- -- a much more intelligent way of -- -- what I'm pretty nice to see you give barrel like that and now it. What is the sense of this -- -- -- here's my germs can I have some meteors if it's a nonsensical way of exchange -- understand where the handshakes started whites are. It was to show you didn't have -- or something like that what I'm not a word about that most of the time. Generally speaking that's not how I am I that the concerns -- looked up and an airport. I'm not worried although I hope it doesn't have -- I'm a woman on the ballot -- veterans okay let's move on -- Tom powers writes this morning in Minneapolis that the vikings should trade Adrian Peterson news. He tells the following story legend has it the Jimmie Johnson was out for a walk 1 October morning in 1989 when it hit him like a freight train. There's Dallas Cowboys 015 at the time we're hopeless Johnson stopped dead in his tracks within seconds he decided to trade star running back Herschel Walker and use the proceeds to fast track the team's development. For those of you were not old enough to remember the trade I trade known as the great train robbery. The largest player trade in the history of the NFL it took place October 12 1989. It involved eighteen players or draft picks and Nikita would essentially was. The cowboys and Herschel Walker to the vikings and an exchange the vikings and the cowboys the receivables yeah. I based partly what happened I was caught that train because I who's playing right at those times against the cowboys are proud that the Eagles when that whole thing started. And let me just say Herschel Walker is in no way shape or form even close. At that point when he got traded toward Adrian Peterson is now understood what. The point that Tom powers -- making is the vikings have to come to grips with their own futility. They're a bad football team they just all -- -- and it having Adrian Peterson there -- matter how good he is last year he. Almost miraculously. Got that team -- the playoffs but a -- chance to win in the playoffs they don't now. And and and while I know things sometimes turn around faster that we think in this league. Realistically speaking in the next two or three years which will be the conclusion of Adrian Peterson's prime. Do they look like a team that has a chance to challenge for Super Bowl if you could stock up look what they got for RG three. In in in in Saint Louis right now I don't know that you're gonna give up that much for 28 year old running back -- but you certainly could get a lot. From a contending team that thinks that there Adrian Peterson away from a championship. I wonder if it wouldn't make sense right now to at least consider for the vikings. Trading McCain getting a king's ransom for the best player on their team. Hole. In the NFL starts at quarterback. So you're gonna have to tell me around and have to figure out a way you're you're gonna have to tell me the way. That odd that Minnesota it's a franchise quarterback how about a thing as if they if the number what -- actually -- -- traded for the first -- of -- -- Jacksonville is taking Teddy Bridgewater Jacksonville is not. Knocked going to take Teddy Bridgewater Teddy Bridgewater the best quarterback in the draft. And at this point I don't know about the rest of them will will see as we get to know them more. If if there that war of the to be that franchise guy and Teddy Bridgewater has hit the franchise guy he's about quarterback coming out. It's GA franchise type quarterback but Jacksonville is not trading that away they're not what what you sent to Jacksonville keep trading. Trading things away when you need a quarterback in this guys considered the quarterback they're going to take him. So that that's what I would ask you. Where does that leave Minnesota you have all these draft picks I don't know about this quarterback draft class well what -- you what do Josh Freeman turns out to be your quarterback. You have Josh Freeman he's gonna start Monday night and he's probably gonna start the rest of the season what if it -- that you already have your quarterback. Then I'll keep my back. I'll get I'll be fair well hello all I'm saying is. Right now that team as currently constituted does not look like a championship that was -- that you get a I don't I mean look I'm not -- -- hear the breaking down their take on -- a very easily if there's other positions obviously -- they. You're not winning unless you get that maybe if it's not a franchise quarterback. -- half step below or franchise quarterback. That's a very neat so you tell me and it's different than were we were you know years ago where and when this trade went off now that's what you need. Or you have to be so dominant on the other side of the ball in Minnesota is not bad. So you need to tell me how I'm getting a franchise quarterback. I'm a bad deal then I'll start to list. Why do we snack. Hundred taste because we have nothing better to do well people who -- come on let's not only have something better to do what they're doing it. All -- are full of energy with a crunch that promises to keep you in the game. From long time to come California all makes crunch on. Tonight. These in this zone hole -- -- behind -- locks. And ESPN radio exclusive. -- UAW -- in this week I am going where is the stunner. I was impressed -- what I saw last week from a team that put up a fight the next scene is not considered suitable for family viewing. The team that summer saying couldn't beat Alabama. They almost went out and beat Denver and with San Diego on a short week going across the country and play in the early spot I am taking the jaguars really can't be serious. I am serious and don't call me surely not only was seven and a half points but I'm calling for the starter. I'm calling for the opposite of what I'm calling for Jacksonville to beat San Diego. On Sunday -- just like beaten -- dumbest idea I've ever heard. No -- Right. It's hard work harder and posting Baltimore in the interest forgets her first win last week. Given two points to Baltimore Baltimore no great shakes as -- -- as well. Dominic Raiola Pittsburgh. Home yeah did you get huge wins in a row that took guts. We need guys spend trying to go ahead ahead on the showdown in the NFC east the cowboys at the eagle. Philly by July and a half point favorite at my motto for this game is I will be fooled again -- a lot of problems don't trip I bullied and the cowboys before they've made me look bad I believe and -- again. Let's see how we do electric cowboys just generally speaking I think there are the better team. They are the more stable and better at quarterback you afford that they're gonna to Philly and -- get in the way and give -- the cowboys plus two and a half well. Let's not get our hopes up just yeah. Let's see what wages it oh yeah this is the way guys don't believe in Dallas because that's certainly flip flop so I'm goal and with Philly I'm home I. Here I'm glad she's -- my filly she's. Really given George -- points. I think their -- is going to be the quarterback either quarterback in there I do think Philadelphia still going to make enough plays offensively. Against the wind and beat the cowboys Philly. Get the win at home I want -- it's. Can -- villages and all the real world you can stand alone and. Those really does not go. Knocks you know I'd have known was -- -- album was to win that that was that was sold from the ground up it wasn't funny and really let go -- it. And get back deal. One of the best she's done nothing in my Johnny has 300 yards -- home at 5 o'clock. What can put them together Craig over possible put it on TV and recapping our -- Jacksonville plus seven and a half over San Diego -- I called for the win. -- has taken -- hometown Steelers minus two against the ravens. And I like the cowboys getting two and a half points at the Eagles a bear in mind we've made these -- earlier in the week like they had time to do that so you're heard go to say whichever quarterback torture at that point yeah it will be next full of that was made official yesterday. And I have to believe Mike you would feel if I were your shoes. Having picked the Eagles and again as you'd get a yes I would feel better with that I got this -- I have a good feeling about fold our. I do as well I think he -- is running more efficiently as we continue to say you lose that. Huge. You know kind of out of the ordinary big play that Michael Vick can get you. Not off the script deploy you do lose that -- you. I think you game ball out of hand a little quicker maybe a little better reading on down the field. Four nick falls and I think that turned into aware all right so there's. Are still gold outlet -- for this week we'll look at some of the other games coming up for you shortly here but the other one that I think is significant as I wanted it to pass along some. Injury news here because it's hard to get any injury news out of New England Jeff. But we know the Jerod Mayo is out for the season right we've known for sometime now there won't -- has been out for the season but the latest I'm hearing. At a Foxborough is dedicated to -- is not gonna play this week so. Basically the patriots have lost over the last few weeks there's three best defensive players -- to -- is not gone for the year right right. But anyone who watched what he did -- Jimmy Graham last week you can't help but be impressed that to me that's a big loss this weekend. All but could not agree more on how much. Can they continue to lose and still win games -- it a player's losing its stunning to me. And it doesn't look like -- again gronkowski is still that X-Factor when -- gonna come back again only a one loss would out of so let's let him get fully healed up for a touchback on the field. But at some point you figure it's going to run offered no one will. And I could see it here because the jets defense is extremely good I really think. Look at bill contains a rug if nothing else on doing and we will not -- doing -- on them voted on Brady's passing a great passing certainly can beat you. But we've seen he's not done with the most household names and guys who have dropped a few balls they can catch is that times. To -- -- on the other side of the ball -- you don't -- don't put the pressure on him get the running game ball because up the middle of wall for him it was gone wrong there which helps us play action pass which helps young quarterback Mike. I brought you about -- -- -- -- proud sponsor of our fall football we're we're here live this morning and Pittsburgh we'll have Joseph Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger back to back coming up next. Here on Micah -- two quarterbacks in the game here this weekend but right now it is time for our winning words or get ready for your chance to enter and tried when -- fabulous trip to Hawaii. When we look at the baseball situation right now Mike and how well Mike Napoli is playing he's put together little stretch here in which is basically -- well. Can't say that about last night but he's been a huge factor in -- winning two of the three games. In Detroit including the solo homer that won game three. Napoli -- put together a great stretch to -- right now he's the ALCS MVP of this morning his name -- are winning -- -- it is Napoli is the word that's the one you can register with so get registering to win your trip to Hawaii Napoli is today's winning or -- you could text it to 777000. Or you can enter it at ESPN radio dot com or you could call into 855 ESPN win which is 85537769. Fortunately there's the wrap up of the second week of our say hi to the -- Contest and so will have to weekly winners after today and they're gonna get a trip to ESP and hang out with us -- -- -- pick one of the ultimately six weekly winners. To win a trip to Hawaii and by the way we've been talking about how is -- a family trip could it be -- buddies trip whatever the case may be. Michael utility what you -- of this email we got him Michael you're right to what's my wife and I have two sons. And at no point did we ever consider taking the kids -- -- if we went. We've already told our best friends they are going without if we when I could see that I actually could see that wasn't. Did you gotta do what that there ought to be if -- make -- a couple Tripp I I could go with that what what he does it make it clear and Alice how old his kids are. -- his kids are 3126. That's one thing you know my kids -- thirteen intent if I want 88 trip to Hawaii for four. How are not taking my kids easily. How easily can very easily you're taking -- -- of my kids they were few if it stays and I when the trip we took another couple absolutely and I get to your house yeah how your kids come back better athlete that is under. That paper -- would -- -- for a -- and -- aren't everything it can't talk to forget the for a fresh start new and worked on mental toughness to agree that. -- -- And in my -- here in Pittsburgh this morning looking ahead do. In other resumption of this rivalry between the ravens and the Steelers here's the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens Joseph Flacco on the subway fresh take outline. How are a joke and Michael are you. -- -- well we've written and booed we can barely hear you love Detroit or Pittsburgh -- we have. Obviously anticipated. And I -- that's a good place to start the conversation you know I sometimes wonder and baseball the fans are two feet away from the players at sometimes in basketball. The fans are basically on the court. In football you guys are so removed when you're on the road the fans are giving you the business which obviously has to happen everywhere and maybe -- more than other places. Do you he'd give you we could hear it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought that's definitely probably won't repeat. And this this obviously. I don't think there's a lot of rivalries on the field anymore but I think this is still won it it is isn't that going on the field I think like Boston. And the Yankees I think it's more the fans this -- still feels like it's more on the field isn't like that is there. A little bit at this -- Along suppliers on the field in this one. All I can kind of game to game you know -- -- is that we always. It's -- really say the player guess also caught up and that's helped but the but the big thing between your -- and he I think the reason that you could see it. All of Europe has and it -- you literally just -- you can -- decided to join that is hate hatred between ten -- and because of that. -- I think that they were too physical pain in the type indicated opposition. Epilepsy years outside -- Or perhaps it's safe to say that. In the preparation and everything else it's not just another game and I'm I'm fascinated by that -- -- you you're the quarterback in the biggest game of the world Europe goes you have that experience. When you have a particularly big -- we've talked a lot this week about Peyton Manning coming back to Indy. The pressure on him the pressure on Andrew Luck again there's nothing like the pressure you face is the starting quarterback and a Super Bowl. When there isn't a situation like that where does it show opposite or the preparation is it more in the the moment before you go on the field as a more on the field where the biggest challenges of the game that is bigger than just another game. You know they got pregnant so many there's so much made today of pressure early as game pressure for this game pressure for the game that every single game he goes so much illegitimacy he's getting dark hell are you know a pretty. Argued about. But they all -- -- change and I I think in order to handle the pressure that -- They go with some of these games that people look at it's being a little bit extra important. You just got to look at them as another game. And it can do that as you can not let yourself think about the consequences. You know I'll. Oh what may happen -- this. Then you can you know did you end up playing Uga. It's -- but there just aren't you sort of think about what happened to -- -- -- that. You know then then you try to get yourself nervous when you play tentatively eighty. You do lose hope all -- How does that work and I never got closer than ever gotten past the second round of the playoffs the U obviously wanna Super Bowl. Can you say the -- about the super balls at the different animal. Nor the promote its distinctive it was a completely different. You know experience he could -- week four arm. And out -- city. There's so much that those around. It's -- it's all in all around you that not to do with football game. Our big big say trek and psychiatrist. And absorb. And Julie at most of the process that you can't because you never know delegates should do it again and the more you get to regain. Because you because you had so much on any kind of chewing everything -- it and I prepared. You know as well you could then use corporate out onto a football like. But he was meant that he played well you know what -- started playing and less significant others you know are you a reasonable chance at -- but it but it set dates are figured out that of the amenities are playing. Tentatively and make a decision that -- would date and the last thing you wanna do is put yourself a situation where you're gonna make a decision he. Other than what you would normally make it a normal situation. Our Joseph Flacco quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens they are welcome here to Pittsburgh take on the Steelers Baltimore three and three Steelers warning for Joseph. Offense the running game not really -- in just yet you've been getting sacked a little bit as of late what's been the biggest difference in the offense this year as opposed to last year. Aren't you know. We've we've documentaries in the you know that's about could it have been together out there on the field but -- -- get back to rest to recognize Soviet think you have had a little something. But the biggest thing our analysis -- -- somebody wanted to go early on whether it's penalties whether it. It's you know not run the ball well about. Our but it -- as being gone. I was a -- -- going to eat it we just haven't been good up and admitted the bottom line. So -- to continue to. Try to get better -- single out there on Sunday to let it go. We all want our worker in a week at all. And then finally -- the really important question -- this interview where trust you're seeing the pictures of Matt -- Who has lost 75 pound wants to be their underwear model. They -- all over the Internet yesterday your thoughts on Matt -- to look at his chances of becoming like you know the next supermodel. Called red unbelievable -- here very -- I think he's ordered -- I have right now it's incredible. He goes pretty -- I was just so -- and now -- -- billion regular weight well it's in incredible. Picture couple days ago I did -- -- I'd seen him in person -- a duty was. I know we lost a lot of weight but the sort of -- -- and -- so don't look like at. The next of Mike and Mike and -- introduced Joseph Flacco had to duck the Boeing is -- our pleasure. To welcome the quarterback of the Pittsburgh steelers' Ben Roethlisberger on the subway fresh thick outline how. The food and then. -- -- -- Orwell is certainly very noisy here I know and obviously the fans are fired up I wanna go back a couple of weeks -- -- goes to London you'll lose a tough game against the vikings and -- O and board here. Hero coach bill cower who did your game last week against the jets. Made some interesting points about the way Mike novel handled it that the message that he sent to you guys could you give us a sense. Of what the team's mindset was during those two weeks that you sent there I'm sure she's -- to be when us. You know doubly tough spot so when I used to Pittsburgh. You know until it -- -- -- time force but so little welcomed -- a week and its capability marijuana I want -- -- -- but figured -- process so we got away got here about football and it gives all the spotlight -- all. And now we've got a win now or disposal more. You know we we talked about all the teams that had not won a gamer still haven't won a game man and we've had former coaches are talking to us and saying. Maybe change things up now and I don't mean inside a locker with the games and stuff that you guys did I mean like. On the field with practiced today did that happen in the final week did you guys shuffle everything around just to change things up. No you know we we kept the mentality in the minds that the same we just ordered. The same approach and and we knew we had. It on this team and a lot grow mall on the practice during the game -- we've had to get it done. On Sunday -- target a dollar turned the ball over. We're making mistakes and we just worked scored enough points so we we've had a continued -- we knew we had -- And what did you do differently or better last week against the jets. Wolf Alford Spiegel did turn the ball over and that's kind of been you'd feel for us. The first couple weeks was turnovers in. Doesn't doesn't help retain good public defense in -- -- in big situations so we can turn -- ball over that was our goal and pulled over all it. Ben Roethlisberger quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers take it on the ravens this week's use one for ravens three and three and I was talking to jolt. Flacco had him on about. This game and I don't think there's a lot of rivalries anymore people talk about yankees and Red Sox I think that's more the fans it seems like this one is on the field a little more. Is that true or is this rivalry on the field a bit more than some of the others. Yes it is a great robbery. It's more than just on the field amended. Expand cities that the player and it's everything and I think that's what makes great rivalry. You know you hear about cross country governor hard at it it just did a great robbery -- -- joy that we enjoy it. It's it's hard hitting it's it's two really good football teams that are very similar good defense it. Good offenses -- just special teams back last played here merited. You'd never know what you're gonna get and this robbery that gamers. Very rarely is a lopsided so. It's it's kind of what everybody looks forward to talk -- -- So was treated differently during the week. As opposed to two other games. Well you have to approach every game. No matter who planned. With what to say in the same mindset this -- approach is that the balls -- -- but you kinda happened though that this gave it a little different it's. And it's in the division out -- restrict civil special and he just you know there's some some different special about this week's sort of preparation -- -- before. -- can Ben Roethlisberger and for all the years that you've been in Pittsburgh when you've been preparing for the ravens defense. You've been preparing for the legends ray Lewis and Ed Reed among the guys. On that team has been a lot of turnover on that defense aside those two guys no longer there how do they look different do you want film magic get ready for the ravens this week defensively. All that into the kind of -- Parra walked you know Monday and -- -- it looks that are border we have our quarterback -- -- kind of puts up the secondary guys and there was no audio out there and you know look abysmal 520 and it just it double -- different come. So it has not quite the same month but there's still good but still over there and they've brought some other guy doubt they'll look over their -- back of people like courage excel. It's it's a very good deep threat that that would diplomats in those two. -- -- Main leader guys -- they're young group are. But still led by. Actually due on July meant or outside linebacker where people called thugs. It's a target and you didn't see some people ever let's talk about someone you did see last week in the production meeting for your game against the jets. There was one -- power I believe in that meeting how how is that -- as he is now on the announcer side of -- trying to get that inside information about a year. Yeah you know it's I I heard he did a good job home. And -- was there was forty confused about the questions and how analysis that -- and I weird joke or that Canseco told -- or you're sitting here -- -- -- -- -- -- to number you are giving. Certain -- Thursday. He had a good laugh about it but I figure of people like once or twice he tried all the little friendly player coach card target -- bought. Half half half. He did a good job I did I watched the whole thing I thought he was. Very good Mike and Mike Ben Roethlisberger and other things that your coach did this week that I I really liked a lot we do our football show. On Tuesday and we were talking about it was. You know when you look -- big touchdown play last week and -- -- -- -- team that has had injury problems and everything else and Emanuel Sanders does basically even if you call it a back flip. The reflect what you have a somersault -- and -- in -- it looks like sort of potential for injury there at your coach has has abandoned those can give us a sense of what that conversation was like. I was the most conversation had a there was there was this statement that he may do that -- -- -- that the meeting -- spelled the end of it so. You know it's. It's kind of repeat -- net debt or thought about it because it's not really an actual mental side it. That I want to China short bitter scene he wasn't waiting like he's excited. I told you know what we're all happy just -- people get hurt about the I'll go to bigger did you coach that would fit that Amanda said he wouldn't do it anyway. Acute like all the might grab a restored gradually development. The adult do that again Gary law awards on that as excited solid -- it's an -- brought anymore. So I I've seen here courier fourteen rushing touchdown some obviously close you know most close to the end zone -- have a good feeling -- gonna score. I've never thought about what you're going to do when you're gonna get into the end zone. Nobody Nextel -- -- would do just like a real somersault you know which are able to grab a roll over effect. A forward roll out that's -- -- just what you wanna do half of your -- dollars of oral. That's true you get a by definition there it was -- a lot better last week against the jets are mostly they get -- get themselves a win Sunday at home against the ravens their right back in the thick. Of the race in the AFC north good luck and thanks for some time this morning. Our guys thanks -- paratrooper Eric got. Night -- my criteria as he is the man who is sort of unwittingly thrust into the middle of the biggest story in football this week. Longtime NFL general manager including all those years. With Peyton and Indianapolis. And other places as well and our very own Bill Polian joins us from back in our studio on Bristol power this morning -- Well in the immortal words of Michael Corleone just when I thought I was out they drag me back in again. How. That's -- that's very nice very well is that you know the that there were so many things I was going to ask you about your thoughts on patent on what his emotional make -- will be coming back for this game this week before all of this happened. Now that all of this has happened. And with you again being in the middle of all this I guess big picture because you spent all week talking about a big picture what are your feelings now as you get set to watch this game well. Peyton the word feelings is appropriate because page is gonna try and block all those out he's preparing for the ball game. He's focused totally on it in these kinds of games where there is this kind of hoopla surrounding it. He just he shuts out even more and more. And and he focuses completely on the ball game so that's where he is. -- I'm sure he'll be gracious about whatever they do with the homecoming. But his focuses on winning the ball game interestingly enough I think that all of the hoopla. And all the verbiage. As taken a little pressure off Andrew Luck because he's not the story anymore in the mono mono battle which really doesn't exist. They're both playing against the respected defense. It has not been mentioned a lot although in the long run I think it's gonna put a lot of pressure on him because it creates a benchmark for his career. You know we see Peyton has almost robotic in how he approaches the game you'd see him obviously on the field off the field. So many places you don't -- well as anybody. Is. Is no emotion with him and and could this actually be a time when emotion could could get him a little bit it. -- but but look every human being as emotions and he's a human being. And it it you know his personality is far more what you see on the on the very funny commercials -- the Saturday Night Live. That it is that that guy it's just speculating at the line of scrimmage. But on. You know he works hard. Is his preparation is total and complete and he works hard. The block out feelings and emotions. And now one of the things that we always. Sort of said to each other was they don't play with clot that would clinch -- And and he doesn't he's he'd learned as a rookie not to do that so. He'll be -- totally focused. On one he thinks that I he'll have to do to beat Indianapolis. Obviously for anyone. There's strong emotions particularly when the crowd reaction and I I know they will regardless of what's planned. In terms of in no way a scripted ceremony. The crowd's gonna react favorably he's mr. football is football in the state of Indiana he's the living embodiment of it. So there's got to be some feelings there but I know is going to be work working hard to block it out. And I guarantee that today's practice will be it will have zero emotion -- it other. Then pushing their receivers and the offensive linemen and others to get the assignments right and he's playing at a disadvantage because he doesn't have is to best tackles. -- -- -- point is -- isn't so that clearly has been the overall the storyline in the NFL all week long -- and we look forward to seeing what happens on the field a couple of other things he wanted to get from you. Bill from your standpoint as as they get a long time general manager. In the NFL columnist this morning in Minnesota are writing a suggestion of the newspaper that the vikings should consider trading Adrian Peterson. That perhaps you could get a a Herschel Walker -- kind of hole in exchange for him. A player who's 28 a football team that does not appear as though they will be championship caliber during his prime. And and maybe trying to jumpstart a franchise -- that kind of a deal. Can we have your thoughts are on that in particular and the bigger picture question of if you have a bad team do you consider trading your best player regardless of who he is in order to try -- jump start. A franchise well. You know the old story Marv Levy used to say it. Nobody ever trades anybody can help them Adrian Peterson can help anybody including the Minnesota Vikings. And your ostensibly breaking in a new quarterback in Josh Freeman. Why would you trade Adrian Peterson who's his his is best. A player is best weapon and I think JP has proven that he's a physical marvel. And coming back from that knee injury was absolutely incredible. I'm sure he's got 23 maybe four good years left in him so I don't know that I'd be too anxious to trade him. What other wave off we -- I guess. They have the thought process that Josh Freeman could be that quarterback but wouldn't. -- the only way you think about doing something like that is if you know for sure that your getting a franchise quarterback out of that deal. Yeah I know you're getting a franchise quarterback when you go unaddressed right -- you're if you're not sure you're getting a franchise quarterback. They probably I'd say probably because I'm not sure the jury's. Has rendered its verdict yet. They but they probably. Missed. On Christian Ponder with the twelfth pick in the draft so that's a crapshoot. Adrian Peterson and we know he's good every week. For a solid performance and winning perform. Let let me ask you this what let's just play a hypothetical on to a reason you make trader. If you felt that with a king's ransom you could get the first pick of the draft and trade. And Andrew Luck was on the board and not not knowing what we know bottom now but he came out with a -- -- as much hype. As anybody and he was he was considered just about as most of sure thing as anybody coming out since John Elway. So over Andrew Luck was sitting there right now would that be a more viable fought for Minnesota to try to trade and ignore you may be able to get that. Well -- -- that that probably right I agree that he was. A sure shot I told Jim -- that two days before I was let go. So there's no question about that. But he's once in a generation. I'm not sure there's anybody out there this year that the car responds to. Andrew Luck and I'm not sure it is anybody coming out in the next two years. That that that that meets that. Criteria I'm not sure I haven't seen enough of the Florida State quarterback to be analysts say that. -- so I I'd be I'd have a little trepidation about trading. Adrian Peterson -- these deals always look better. Over a glass of beer than they do in real life. I thought that was it everything yes I. I think we're back at wells says went to it and that's that looks sensational what he's not a guy joke about his younger he has got to play at least one -- your quickly though bill because. You know just the way you said that -- we -- -- -- long time and I think we we're we're proud to consider your friend and you know I was thinking about this well this whole thing was going on this week. -- feelings hurt by the stuff that happened as we you had a lot of success there and Indianapolis and always thought you guys had a real family atmosphere between yourself and and and -- -- Tony Dungy and Peyton. Were your feelings hurt by the way this whole thing went down as we know. You know is an old saying hey Jim thanks the great general manager used to say. Owners owned. I think they did say what they want they they they can draw their own conclusions. They can act upon them SO we sign a form we get in this business so. On all my feelings weren't hurt. On there's a lot of absence of facts here. And some misstatements but and I won't go into that but it -- fact of the matter is our record is there it's not going away. We're very proud of what we did I don't think we have to apologize for anything by we I mean everybody associated with that team Reggie Wayne -- that point earlier. Such as -- incentive -- a bunch of other guys who contributed greatly. To a terrific record. And and we're proud of that so if it isn't good enough then for some people that's fine I don't have any problem with that. This has been the best -- Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN radio pod setbacks and hear more from Mike and Mike log onto ESPN radio dot com and become an ESPN radio inside. The best of like a night. I China I'm all right 1 at 18 am on December 1 thing on their mind. Having only one thing on your mind can be a good thing when you find that special someone. Technical dot com that someone has a car insurance policy and the only thing on its mind is being your soul mate. Depend on easy online tools for paying bills and managing claims and take your life savings that you gaze into the eyes a little free break. That's -- tomorrow Geico fifteen minutes could save you hundreds on -- charts.

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