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Gus Grebe 1973

Dec 5, 2008|

Gus Grebe WSU Sports Highlights on KFH - 1973 Season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Go to the fourteen. It's fourth down twelve yards to go for a first down fourteen yards to go for a touchdown with 57 seconds ago. Here's a big play for Owens and perhaps a big boost for -- from Iraq now -- and watch. Into the end zone on. Heads of state baker and let's. -- season. -- goes quiet to the right side the slide back rightist baker tunnel at home. And rolled out to the right he sent. Jimmy Fenwick will be the slot back. Any move to the right side as -- wreckage moved out of this but. Right in. What was the host of -- -- boy. Jimmy Bentley from California. Here's the play out of the guy. Handing off to -- and -- flag goes down. -- he was apparently felt. But there's a penalty flag down and it'll go against what to tell us that no no they say offside against Fresno state. For the characters who scored. And it's good that -- was three JP Flynn the hitting the please go to the cunard line. Broke a tackle moved up to was right to the near western sidelines and went in the -- was nobody around him. Today has let us lead when he gets going. Johnny pots into the ballgame. -- drive the extra point. Holding it kept the panic. At the camp waiting for the nap there it's down it's hey that looks good. Thing. Look real quick but the minute that that. Second they -- -- perhaps what to tell us states Babylon in the Fresno state nothing. Stand records goes out of the ballgame. Opening to replace and -- Fills a speedster. On second and -- half film like this do in this near sideline as he moves out of the split right in. -- rules not to the laugh banning is running. It's thrown for batting. -- That has. You can look up Google plans -- -- -- all of the bullet throw up sick and up -- Cut it with a little guy from the peak. Okay let's soccer worked -- -- a -- that Johnny pots tubs then. To try to -- this ball gave up. Crowe -- the actors with wide receivers both sides. All goes to pizza and who's in the ball game -- across that 45. The dead and -- Box does bring pizza -- Oakland and he was up for the occasion it was. Okay and those strikers alternating by a bunch of policy we lose. There was a tackle instead of the guides curriculum does say that what goes interior linemen pulling out. Senior care they brought in the junior Clinton -- Leaving interference on the sweep down on the right side leveling interference and opening the way for CJ page 176. And a half yards. Johnny -- that drive for the extra point.

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