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Doug Gottlieb Show 2-9-17 C.J. Wilson, Former MLB Pitcher

Feb 9, 2017|

On his decision to retire from baseball to pursue a racing career, why he loves racing so much, and his thoughts on baseball’s idea to speed up extra inning games

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

C. J. Wilson as a plan B what is it he joins us now on CBS Sports Radio. 94 and seventy of course member of the Texas Rangers team that was within. One strike twice of winning a World Series sorry dude that's some like I gotta say that's. Under your Orange County guy and a former Angel but probably most known for like do you guys within one strike a winning the World Series. Howard Mann. I'm good that the idea you know. Having a plan B is important I think for a lot of people. And you know I think you orderly. Remember me through my head and shoulders her commercial and then for the the rangers' second day. And kill him until it is what things the world and having a national campaign built around your hair ranked. Right yeah I mean that's the thing you have to tell you your assets and you know you lose the America and undermine our all. And I was crafty with good hair you know I can't remember. I'd sell you had a shoulder surgery going back to last year part of the the angels just everyone in your rotation and of getting hurt last year I know that because I'm Angel band. And and just it just sucked so when did you decide that dude I'm done. I really didn't you know I mean I guess they opened a position where. I had the opportunity to step up for two by the Porsche being reviewed our resource that impressed not. And you know I decided that as the time to make it to jump to commit only to that. Because. It yeah I mean you know what families are being regulated these repair itself. IE I still keep myself in shape I'm still working out all that stuff and just tell everybody that I signed let's see you're also racing at that time of the resources. So so you you decide it to a start racing cars. Yeah I've been racing for about ten years and YouTube video and the torture put out of parallels when they are the track talking about my. Baseball career talking about my ambitions and the driver. And you know what look at except for me it's just he's racing full time this year. Oh he's still your racing portions. Through Paris where did you Dietrich a serious and so looking is there's other I have buddies that race neon does. And Theres some race exotics what Larry's portions. Well. You know not a Porsche dealer base and a lot more marketable I guess but yeah we've we restart with marked as remarkable championships with my break him. Those are fun right there they're not terribly expensive and the tires are expense or whatever but like dozer I get again I got a buddy who like goes up delight rocking. In Connecticut and he he has he's a Porsche guy too but he loves those me out as those are kind of fun to kick around thing. Yes of economy and our targets are that they have started to contract says. And then from there are certain racing schools and you know excelling in the near the Port Orchard actually racing and winning. We need some pretty big races across the country and I kind of a career. I don't know I guess fork in the road in the not too doesn't happen. Where. I'd actually we'd go to the World Series and I want really big national race safe here let's look at need to. They need to focus more on baseball and increasing not subsided and start racing team so that they can build a risky business and then where my sort of inspiration and guidance. They can drive the business forward in one direction and then when I'm done with baseball circle back around so racing and keep. And that's been kind of the thing for the last you know 67 years. As C. J. Wilson or not yes C. J. Wilson REIS in the Cushing can see on line joins us in the dugout to show on CBS portrait when you're. When you're playing did did teams feel like when the angels signed you to the 77 million dollar deal. Did they know did you have a closet got a they had not race cars are around one they know. Well you can't really risk or whatever you want because I mean to be a lawyer about a we are busy pulling based call you know a lot of time. I'm more and more of the danger of it right like well he's basically. All relative you know I mean dangerous is electric car that would normally when you're on the track here. China but I hope they keep professionals are going to go the direction earlier this was you know professional drivers stuff like that. You're you know I as some never put myself in an honest it's this to a. I I understand or later I understand you see so they are in now they had no idea your business. None any of those things that president that's here on the ground like you don't get caught either. We probably what we're really lately we undo Connie what was that like to drive. Where are we don't know what shall I know now murderer okay that's sensed that that sounds Seubert like. You can there's no such thing as being safe on a motorcycle right like I mean. My brother had a motorcycle it's the budget. I did anybody eagle I needed a motorcycle at the thing is fast I mean really really really it. There were definitely not into it I mean. You know there's that kept the insurance company had a prior to invest here probably around the time my agent all okay. You know wise hearing into cutting your very dishonest contractors are all there isn't his writing the last two years to leave his way to get around Los Angeles little traffic. Nobody is the do you did the weaving thing you inherit foreign nor are. That's crazy that that desecrate and for people who don't know. OK so and we're watching it on CBS sports network you can see the pictures of CJ erasing his courses but for people don't know what we're talking about. In Los in just what is it its ability what ten miles an hour faster is the most you can go as opposed to trapeze that would that. Let's see like ten or fifteen mile an hour you can lead depending on where here is cultural turn slip you learn. So it really affect the vote on the freeway traffic instead stopped because down for a five especially for like LAX all live to. I guess still play gets us sent an analogy it's like a while once. You act you have an entirely yourself you know you have about five feet on each side where there's nobody in you can try to it's like a motorcycle super are. So people are gonna rip and they're there. And you know not she's not my that there was an error percent. During the season for the first couple illegal structure so that our side right around it would probably get you Jim Sasser it's you know it's this stadium pressed to go out. All that stuff so I would ride I would tell you you weigh in Ireland that the well that's no way so I'm glad they're there in this capital Kampala. He really read my children my duty how long can he get here artists in a car the whole time Richard you 45 minutes. Here it's like project power and a biker like everywhere and fifteen minutes it's great. OK show opposite okay so now you're racing Busch issue opponent. You own a Porsche and Audi dealership. What is what what is the what is the goal leg right leg. You don't get to be a pitcher pitches and starts in the World Series unless you're like a goal oriented guy you're driven guy you're 36 years old. What's the ultimate goal in racing. All right now the dealer immunity including motorcycle soars at just he dealerships are so without so. You know that I'm I'm I'm almost certain my goal in terms of how much stuff I have. Accumulation on Israel doubts about having a certain amount of property can naked keep here. He the whole thing going color correction and pictures that you've you know. Like any other businesspeople want to make more profit and they want to pare their debts and wanted to keep pork so. We degraded. Each dealership get creative. And I meant I meant I meant more like do you want it do you want a race like IndyCar is he won a race like NASCAR like you don't Orion and. It elementary NASCAR of these racing like it came at a western plural not so. Quarter to a law that the goal so an actual. To go for me it's an article video I guess that's. That I need to but it's your that sort of part LaMont France and win the airport crashed. So that's that's the ultimate goal for me as a racer. Will you ever pitch again in Major League Baseball. He. I mean if there is the situation room right may be glad I think at this point right now. Here at the dealership I'm working out some racing and cook some. The most attractive opera have blue you're was serious you know this year so. There's somebody new on the possible lupica are you know really need is so very crafty guy out there there are still change. We'll let you like your like and we Ali I think like you're left handed any good there really left handed so like guys like that left hitting guys can pitch for ever write like. You can you can do that here fifty just all you do is get lefty out. So you have Burt but at the same time though might look at all because and when you when you factor that against the fact that Ernie not call people who dealerships a couple of breaks he's got a family yet. You know and I'm already earned and bring our summit hopes he like as. Click for two years and decided to Bill Clinton record you're site. Been doing it for quite a long term and equipping and now I don't have to deal with and the umpire give any idea how much better my wife says with no umpires and. I wanna ask you baseball color realtor you've got to be having heard this this is a according QL Yahoo! sports' Jeff passed and that they're planning on on them on X. Experimental rule in the Arizona Fall League the Gulf Coast League. Then when they go to extra innings they're gonna start extra innings with a runner at second base. What's your reaction of that in an effort to speed up extra innings and. There's the alternative factor in the real. This is her earnest today he did this is very good does it get I mean Joseph Torre said hey let's see what it looks like. I silly and apparently he. Kabila manager Torre is an eighty years old equity related or intruders are just in court. So I'm not a bit awkward and were second there whatever. That's ultimately there. So I'm asking you C. J. Wilson runner at second base in extra innings of one what are your honest thoughts of that as an idea in Major League Baseball in an effort to speed up extra inning games. I've heard of dumber things but that's that's on the that's been very high let the dumb things that are there. I said it was in Miami LA when we just haven't hit off the tee. Right yeah how much time home run derby picture like we'll do like like Troy you know you you could to best warrior Welker purpose for here in the long run relief for the win like harassment. That's what they're basically slang as it is their income. I did. Leo you bet bet. Bat for guys every inning and just do whatever you want any current. You know hundred plus years evolution to get the power as. Is surges are eternally changing rules inserting. Runners like go terms of those local law doesn't terabyte. Got a ghost runners admit it will be good between the lines of organ of between the lines next time that's that there's that there's an X. North Carolina Lou I'm out of line over over like they see jig a best of luck with the car dealership and a with the racing stay safe we appreciate Jonas. Secretary.