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The Doug Gottlieb Show 6-15-15 Shane Ryan, Author of Slaying The Tiger: A Year Inside the Ropes on the New PGA Tour

Jun 15, 2015|

He talks about his book and this year's U.S. Open

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The success is something create. Competition. With what does. It don't happen that corporations all the time. Nice he is successful collaboration like I want a copycat eight familiar with the the bar method. You know the virus that is. I've told you before this into the lays out there. Yoga pants or privilege. Not a right from them is Alan. Terribly easily your life but if you or your girlfriend. But if your people watching you in Nigeria now. Our enemies in part December and and somebody's wearing underpants is genuine enemy. You know the cancer of privileges aren't they in the light. Yeah you have to credit me that you can semi between. These government anyway as you think all the barman. Trainer developed by meant their women they use. Ballet bar. And an idealistic exercises while toning. Elephant. And it's created the environment that machine like video series means that home fainting. And then they add like pure bar Barmes did bar three the there's all kinds of a car deal bar that basically all kind of hey we like this way to use it is where a copy it is and the others competitions that it is old school fitness you know competition. There is. In the marketplace there's all these different ways women go to the varmus. The same thing with cross fit there's other incarnation the cross eyed if you're successful you're gonna spy on other. Kind of wannabes are gonna try and take from your prophet that's what's happening golf. Tiger Woods dominated golf. Plus. He did it would Nike he had his own gear there's certain swagger to it. Any creating incredible incredibly competitive environment. And is a buzz in the sports world to go to golf dot com dad's been written about it. There's a book old slaying that tiger a year inside the ropes on the new PGA tour. And them. I thought this would be a fasting in the Ford chain Ryan joins us you wrote the book and joins us on the week of the US open Jane are you. Is that an is that a fair and I don't know that's a fair aside instead that so many of these guys. And some of them are are built for gulp like Dustin Johnson was a very dapper in a basket player like these guys were driven to golf because. Tiger economy to cool tiger kind of created some of this competition which is now really overtaking him because of his success going back fifteen years ago. Yes you absolutely nailed that almost word for word that wrote the book it's that they are his generation he's on them he inspired them. And which said the irony is that now that the one sort of eating and as soon game and it's created this fascinating generational shift and you know that's of the book about. I'd sell how important do you think this US open is for. The post tiger era because that's kind of what I feel like golf preparing for it's got this group of the Rick these then there's the Dustin or the Ricky is the breweries the Jason days or whatever. But but don't they need. You know like a Rickie and a Rory final in order Ted can take the golf world by storm. Yeah I think you could be really important I think I think one thing that I keep seeing you doubt it's matured dispute when the US open. After winning the masters I think and then you can officially put it down sort of on the pedestal Rory McIlroy should finally say that's a real rivalry. I think right now you guys you know which certain people in the masters Ricky Feller won the players championship. But it Rory is still well both of them and brilliant but everybody else is generation. And I think yeah I think Paul is going to be better off if they have sort of a broad aspects that they have a diversity of players who are great and I figured sort of creeping their rivalry. Evidence there's this okay and if we're gonna take on other businesses. It in post. Tiger golf is like post Jordan NBA. Posed Jordan NBA kinda had the same thing right he had a bunch of cool young guys but they're all kind of spread out and many of them didn't win championships. And it would there wasn't the one guy the one or two superstars for us to focus on. And even though people inside golf for inside the ropes understand. The depth of quality players I'm talking about the mainstream band getting them to tune in how do you think they'll handle. If Tiger Woods isn't you know playing in the second week in if he's not competitor how much of a dip do you think you'll see ratings. Yeah I mean there's always every single time it it's great tiger not all and the reason except that now why I think we need more. People that tiger was so successful. It's such ridiculous level in fourteen majors in one of the most competitive spirit calls. I don't think you're gonna happen guys ever get that level now if you worry could maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me like. Giving even watching right now did not cuts he misses it's it's still sort of hail to tiger. And so I think what's happening is cute or NN golf in general at this tiger global wary she kept them on the shoulders forward. Years and years and in total these lucrative cheap deals everything started and ended with tiger. And so now that he's leaving I don't think they can replace I think that bubble has burst so I think he really have to hope that. Even though might not quite as suspected I think having a few guys isn't the formula for success in the Angela. Or try to tell what about the delay out of this course and you wrote about a year inside the ropes on the new PGA tour the book's called slaying it that tiger. Chain Ryan author joining us on the dugout league shell there's horses for courses. Chambers bay who is set up best for. Yeah it shall find the issue look at a few days Airways are really really wide and that makes you think the cable Rory and Bubba Watson. Look IQ just emirate and so they're going to be great depending greens are skewed Sudanese say OK well I think and that precision iron play its commitments are so. Ski Jimmy Walker just in the road guys like that. It's really to me right now kind of a mystery I would give the slight edge U2 bombers it's taken its straight. Egypt will be hitting wedges and couples rather after hitting seven iron eight iron. So I you know worry should be successful but for some reason I just do it so he wrote I think it's coming back part and that's illegitimate because. Yeah you know you followed all these golfers for for twelve months on the tour and I'm just wondering. You know there's still the we we don't have I think from just me personally I've no expectations for tiger this week I had no idea where he is just because of what I saw when I saw him. I'm going back panel is that a week ago when he was just awful mean play by himself on a Sunday. You know snowman on eighteen on Saturday which is it was it had to be humiliated when we had to be as close to rock bottom as he's been he's been close to there in the past. But what are those guys say about is this he was revered when they first got in but did did did those guys they feel sympathy for him. They wanted to be back are they tired of talking about tiger what they really like when the cameras are off the microphones are off. Yeah it's it's a really complicated safety and I think all of the things you just describe I stick to beset I think they are a little bit tired of it. As anybody would be if you spend your career you were really art at the great called game and then. 90% of the questions coming at you're about Tiger Woods sorters that. Well you know they also opened reference see curling up she was the icon of icons The Who the guy who inspired them so. Restore respect there and even when he's shooting 85 and and she installment and really struggling. I think there is a little bit this year last you know because he's still Tiger Woods. And obviously not the seemed all you 67 years ago when testicle state aid. Haven't broken out of respect to ensure foreign. But I don't necessarily think he scaring them on the ball or straight now says it's complicated you know it's it's very apple is doing with tiger. Who's the who's the I'm trying to think of the the guy was it a name used to pitch for the Yankees with a pars AJ am AJ Burnett. AJ Burnett to guys that. Inside based on guys like you he's got plus plus stuff everywhere right. But just he's never had that kind of head to get it together and the play cerner is a bad moment he'll blow up. Is there a guy like that on the tour that is is DJ that guy and a I don't know DJ is pretty re pretty well liked by most guys that Dustin Johnson's crew alike Imus guys. Obviously he had the off course issue we took away from the golfer about a half a year I'm just wondering who is a guy who has. So much of the game and yet has it one big for whatever reason hasn't put it together. Yeah I think who ran away look at my sisters are Garcia of course his career he's you know incredibly talented and he whatever it is booked my in my whole lot seat behind it was just give honest is possible until these stories that kind of try to make it seem that everybody. And I insert is chapters great example of that where. You just try to get into what it is about him that he's so insanely talented and as an acute beats it you know you're ninety years old. Abby just cannot put it together acting pursuant to its head where. But should that be bolstered and you're a total lack of self belief from the pressure on. And you saw that last year you know for years struggled with tiger but we saw last year were worried in the couple times so it's almost like a new dominant force just. So tiger's place where and when he went down and Sergio it's still sort of second best. Yeah it just johnsons another great example I think Rickie Fowler and so when the players championship a lot of people thought that about him. And maybe most remarkably Sergio actually came from behind against Ricky to force extra holes and is like them all game maybe Sergio is coming of age because then he'd. He didn't win the initial loses commute a great week at chambers bay this is a fascinating look rain abated to one. The tenth insight into. Was really like on the PGA tour so many these young guns got that old slaying that tiger a year inside the ropes. On the new PGA too are seeing great stuff thanks much for joining us. Jane Wright joining us on the Doug larger.